10 großartige coole Tipps: Gemüsegarten Blumen Artikel Gemüsegarten Inspiration …, #Artike…

10 großartige coole Tipps: Gemüsegarten Blumen Artikel Gemüsegarten Inspiration …, #Artikel #Blumen #coole #Gemüsegarten #großartig

Especially in a lovingly designed and maintained garden, an unused and unsightly corner can be very annoying. If this is also not suitable for planting due to unfavorable location conditions, one wonders what else to do with this dead corner. But there are some possibilities that you may not have come across yet and that you might consider. Our today’s article we want to help you with the transformation. We give you beautiful and practical ideas on how you can design a dead corner in the garden and give your outdoor area the finishing touch it deserves. Then you can finally really enjoy it!

Somehow, the existing storage space is never really enough. If you also have this Problem, then a shed might be just the right idea if you want to design a dead corner in the garden. This can often be advantageous even if you already have a shed, but this is no longer sufficient. You can build the shed yourself and that from any materials or simply resort to a finished model from the hardware store, which is mostly made of wood and is very sympathetic. Already you have new space for all the flower pots, garden tools and the lawnmower.

Speaking of the finished garden houses: A cute garden house can even be in a guest house transformed. All you need for this is the equipment. Otherwise, everything is already there in the finished garden house. Particularly pretty and practical are such houses, although there is also a small Veranda on which a small seating area can be designed for the guests. With this idea, you will definitely get a wonderful eye-catcher, when you make a dead corner in the garden.

Another type of garden house, but with equally useful function, is a greenhouse. The size you can choose, depending on the size of the free area. A greenhouse is a very good idea if you like to grow plenty of vegetables and want to start in late Winter, when it is still too cold in the garden. You can also Garden there until late autumn or even early Winter. You want to make a dead corner in the garden, and a passionate hobby gardener, this might be just Right for you!

Even if you already have a seating area on the terrace, it can not hurt to invest in a second. This is definitely better than this ugly and unused corner in the garden. You can create a completely different kind of coziness for this second area, for example by adding a fireplace or this time instead of seating you can opt for a day bed or other lounge furniture to relax. So you can relax in the middle of the green garden and a little away from the House. Sure, you will not regret it, if you are designing in this way, the dead corner in the garden.

If the dead corner is not sufficiently large for such a seating area, a smaller retreat can be designed instead. A romantic bench, a swing or a small round table with two chairs are suitable for this purpose. You can even set up sun loungers there. The necessary shade is provided by either the existing trees or a parasol, a sun sail or a small canopy, if you have a wall nearby to attach. If you have a little more space at your disposal, a pergola is perhaps just the right shade dispenser that you can choose if you want to design and optimally use the dead corner in the garden.

If there is a Pool in the garden, a pool house can prove very useful. It doesn’t have to be something big. A small cottage in the Form of a shed, equipped with a bench, a shelf for towels and some hooks for clothes can be quite sufficient. If you want to create the dead corner in the garden with a pool house, just think about what you expect from this area and what functions exactly it should perform. Only in this way can you finally set up the pool house according to your needs.

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