25+ Wunderschön natürliche Teich Swimmingpool Design Ideen #poolideen #schwim…

25+ Wunderschön natürliche Teich Swimmingpool Design Ideen #poolideen #schwimmbad #ideen #homedecor #garten

If you want to remodel, renovate and furnish your existing conservatory in a modern way or otherwise – you can grow one, you should have an overview of Important Tips and of course collect great Design ideas as Inspiration. What should you not forget before or during construction?

The winter garden is usually attached to a building by construction and glazing, and a permit, with the consent of the neighbors is needed. Find out about the legal side of the question at the authorities and Conservatory manufacturers.

The use of the conservatory is closely linked to the location and orientation of the facility. If you would only use them during the warm season or as accommodation for plants in Winter, you do not need to invest so much in a multi-glazed construction. Otherwise, the conservatory serves as an extension of the living space and requires high-quality equipment.

The main structure of the conservatory can be made of wood, metal or plastic. Sustainable Isolation from external influences is required. Again, as with any glazed surface comes into question equipment for ventilation, heating and sun protection. Unwanted heat, cold or humidity will certainly spoil the good mood and atmosphere when using the plant. Therefore, plan everything after you have become clear with the orientation and location of the construction.

Orientation to the north requires no sun protection, but powerful heating in Winter. On the contrary, the southern orientation of the Winter Garden heats up the room and not only strongly – in summer appropriate sun protection and ventilation is required. With the West or east orientation you can look forward to the pleasant sunshine in the afternoon or in the morning. Therefore, you should consider when and how you would use the conservatory and plan it according to the architectural conditions. In any case, let a specialist advise you beforehand!

If you want a barbecue for the garden, you usually imagine it directly on the terrace. However, this can lead to unpleasant odours entering the house when the Wind blows unfavourably. And if you imagine a small sitting area in the dead corner anyway, you can also equip it with the desired Grill. So you make your stay on the one hand more varied (sometimes on the terrace, sometimes in the second seating area) and the problem with the smoke does not even come about.

If the size of the unused area allows, an entire garden kitchen can also be built there. It is the wish of many homeowners, because the removal and re-entry of dishes, cutlery and other kitchen utensils then completely fails. Everything can be found in the kitchen outside and is quickly distributed on the garden table. The dining area is in the vicinity. So if you want to create a particularly large dead corner in the garden, combine the garden kitchen with dining table and chairs so that every barbecue becomes an unforgettable experience.

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