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29 Easy DIY English Garden Projects You Can Build To Complete Your Landscape | Incredible Modern Rock Garden | #gardening #landscaping – #build #complete

If you are planning your terrace and are looking for a modern garden design, some inspirations could be quite useful. And then this article probably comes at the right place because we have selected minimalist outdoor areas and modern terraces, examples of which can serve as suggestions, if you want to create a modern terrace. Take a look at the beautiful elements that are available to you, among other things, for design.

A modern garden, which has been designed simply, can be seen here. Simply does not necessarily mean little plants. Even with several specimens, a garden can look minimalist if it is not too lush and also distributed in an orderly manner in the garden. Modern terraces should also be designed with minimalism in mind. You can see a great example here.

For modern terraces, for example, use a lot of concrete. This terrace has not only concrete walls, but also an impressive concrete canopy that offers protection from the sun or rain on hot summer days. In addition, there are modern terrace tiles, as well as modern terrace tiles with wide joints in between, as they are so often used for minimalist Gardens.

If you design a large terrace, it is recommended to divide it into several areas. So a cosy Seating area, a dining area and a garden kitchen in this patio design. The design in simple grey concrete, combined with a wooden floor and wooden furniture is a great idea for modern terraces.

This example of modern terraces is also a large plot of land that allows the design of different areas. The large terrace extends from one side of the house to the other and consists of pool area, dining area, a covered Lounge and an open-air one. Here you can see the modern terrace design from above.

Beautiful terraces and gardens are a matter of taste. What pleases the one does not appeal to the other at all. But if you like the minimalist outdoor area, then this garden is also a great Inspiration. If you are designing modern terraces, you should also think about the garden design.

You are planning the garden terrace, but also other elements such as flooring, garden paths and possible terrace plantings, in order to guarantee a perfect distribution of the furniture and decorations. This example of modern terraces has been designed simply. Various wooden furniture and finishes give the outdoor area a pleasant, warm atmosphere.

This large modern terrace is divided in different areas. An irregular shape was chosen, which makes the outdoor area more interesting. Modern terraces often have more than just a seating area, if space allows. This is also the case in this example. Apart from the dining area and the cosy Lounge, there is another seating area designed around a fireplace.

The pool area is equipped with several sun loungers. You can say that this area is another terrace. So here you can see a way to set up several modern terraces to guarantee the best comfort. Canopies are not available here. However, they can also be added afterwards by awnings, umbrellas or sun sails.

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