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Fireplaces are a popular addition to the garden. This burning heart friends and family gather and enjoy the warmth of the fire. A fireplace in the garden can be dug into the ground as well as stand on the ground. The shape, Design and Material can be chosen individually. Traditionally, open fireplaces in the garden are round, but they look just as good in rectangular, square and triangular Form. Take a look at these beautiful ideas in our image gallery and get inspired for your own project.

When building a fireplace in the garden, you need to plan a certain distance to flammable objects. Never build them directly under a tree. The sparks and flames that can set a dry tree on fire. You also need to mark the power and Gas lines, including phone and cable, to avoid them during construction. The pit should be at least 3 to 6 meters away from the exterior walls of a house, garden house or fence.

Ideally, the fire should be placed above or below the ground level. In the first case, the hearth is let into the ground, while in the second a suitable enclosure is built. The distance between the upper edge of the surrounding wall and the pit must be at least 30 centimeters. Use heat-resistant materials such as natural stone or concrete. Conventional bricks can dry out and get cracks when exposed to excessive heat.

Fire is dangerous, so you have to think about Fire Protection. Build the fireplace in the garden near a water source. For example, a water hose that is 6 to 15 meters from the House. Also consider keeping a hand fire extinguisher handy while the fire is burning. A wide aluminum shovel is also a good tool to extinguish the fire quickly. Never leave the fire unattended and monitor all children playing near the fire. At the end of the evening you can quickly extinguish the fire with a bucket filled with Sand.

If you choose a certain accent color for the garden fireplace, we recommend repeating it in other elements of the design of the seating area. These can be textiles or, as here, the support wall made of concrete, which was designed in the same red colour as the garden fireplace. With a minimalist design in neutral colors, some color accents are always well received.

Beginners can also venture to a barbecue in the garden. You need gravel and granite stones (or fire-proof fireplace bricks). With a shovel, the desired shape of the shapes in the lawn. Dig out only a thin layer. Fill them with gravel. Next, the stones are bricked. These do not start directly at the edge of the gravel surface, but a bit further inside. You’re done with that. If you are not confident in the construction, it is best to hire a bricklayer and also make sure you inquire in the office whether a permit is necessary.

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